Sonic Booms Draw Us To Edwards AFB

A Twitter user alerted us to sonic booms occurring in the airspace above Edwards Air Force Base. Tracey and I immediately packed up our gear and headed out from UFO Seekers headquarters in Bakersfield, CA. We made our way along the 58 freeway east until arriving in Mojave, which is where we entered the desert. Get off the freeway directly across from the Hyundai Proving Grounds heading south, cross the railroad tracks, then continue on the road which turns towards the east. There you’ll find the secret back entrance to Edwards Air Force Base where that night we would do some UFO hunting at the experimental facility.

Arriving At Edward’s Secret Back Entrance

Making our way over the rough terrain we arrived at the military perimeter fence surrounding Edwards Air Force Base. Many people don’t know that Area 51 is actually a sub-division of Edwards Air Force Base. Driving past the secret back entrance along the perimeter fence we noticed small metal pipes sticking out of the ground in the middle of the road which may be some kind of security sensors. Tracey and I decided to park right up against the military fence line. As soon as we parked, a military police officer emerged from the base headed towards our location then proceeded to park in an area which gave the officer a clear view of us. They already knew we were there.

No Sonic Booms During Our UFO Hunt

Ignoring the military perimeter security we setup our equipment and began monitoring the skies. We were watching for any type of alien technology or UFOs in the sky. Tracey took over 100 long exposure pictures and I captured hours of video. That night we were using thermal video, infrared video, DSLRs and regular video.

Right before it turned dark outside, the military police officer ended his surveillance of us and disappeared into the facility. During our time at the base we didn’t here any sonic booms. After reviewing our images, video, and audio we didn’t see much, at the end of the full spectrum video it seems like the aircraft just disappears. Although most likely it’s just shutting off it’s lights.

Reviewing The Footage

Here’s a look at footage from our UFO hunt. We typically conduct our UFO hunt using visual light video camcorders, DSLR cameras, full spectrum video, green infrared video, white infrared video, thermal video, and audio recorders.

Full Spectrum Video

Thermal Video | Clouds Over Base

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