Largest Piece Of Private Property In California

If you drive one hour north of busy Los Angeles you’ll come across an amazing piece of private land established in 1843 as a Mexican Land Grant. It’s a 270,000 acre ranch which claims the title of the largest individual piece of private property located inside California. The ranch is almost as big as the entire city of Los Angeles! The ranch borders interstate 5 on the southwest side of the property.

Tejon Ranch borders Northrop Grumman’s RCS Facility in Rosamond, featured in our Episode named ‘California’s Area 51?”, and is also located just roughly 20 miles west of Edwards Air Force Base. UFO Seekers has received reports of UFOs over the northwest side of the Tejon Ranch, so we headed out to the location to do some UFO hunting on 07/18/2017.

Heavy Commercial And Civilian Air Traffic

All night the Tejon Ranch had extremely heavy commercial air traffic and civilian air traffic overhead. It’s the connecting route over the southern Sierra Nevada mountains. Tracey and I did not see anything abnormal in the sky that night but we eyed at least 30 aircraft that night.

We feel that any UFO or abnormal activity here would most likely occur low to the ground and inside the perimeter of Tejon Ranch which is guarded by security. The entire perimeter of the ranch is fenced off showing signs saying, no trespassing / private property. There are many hidden canyons, roads, and areas inside this huge private ranch that are never seen by outside eyes. We’ve heard rumors of secret military bases in the mountains of Tejon Ranch. After seeing how locked down the ranch is, we believe that would be possible.

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