Headed To Oak Flat Cattle Country

UFO Seekers received multiple cattle mutilation reports from cattle country below Oak Flat Lookout.On 07/16/2017, Tracey and I headed right into the heart of the secluded territory east of Porterville. There’s only one road leading to Oak Flat and the entire time headed up to the summit you’re surrounded by private cattle ranches, prime cattle mutilation territory. Oak Flat is located inside a national forest in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, which is where the cattle ranches end, so we stopped close to the National Forest border, right in-between two cattle ranches.

Perfect Place For Cattle Mutilations Or Experiments

After finding our sky-watching spot Tracey and I  parked then began setting up our equipment. That night we captured full spectrum video, thermal video, regular video, green infrared, and still photographs. We observed a few airplanes flying west and northeast of our location. The valleys below Oak Flat are extremely secluded, hidden an dark. It’s a perfect location for aliens (if they exist) or governments to execute scientific medical experiments on animals. Nobody from nearby towns would see the action if crafts stayed low in the canyons.

During the night’s UFO hunt Tracey and I did not see anything abnormal. We spotted the typical satellites and multiple falling stars. After reveiwing all of the footage captured that night we didn’t notice anything abnormal.

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