Black Triangle Reported Near Ponderosa, CA

UFO Seekers received a UFO Sighting report from Ponderosa which is a tiny town located near the Trail of 100 Giants in California. The report was filed July 13, 2017 with UFO Seekers and described a black triangle flying low above the trees near the Trail of 100 Giants. The triangle was completely silent and had no blinking lights. Tracey and I were intrigued by the daytime UFO Sighting so we decided to head up into the Sequoia National Forest to look for UFOs during the daytime.

We Hike To The Summit Of Dome Rock

After reaching the Sequoia National Forest we found ourselves near the Trail of 100 Giants and Ponderosa looking for the best vantage point to spot UFOs above the trees. Tracey and I agreed that Dome Rock would be the best spot to watch the area. We made our way to Dome Rock were we met a nice family on vacation from Texas and had a great conversation about the unexplained for about 10 minutes. Done with the great conversation, we wished the family good luck with their vacation and gave them tips on where to spot weird things in the sky. We turned our attention towards Dome Rock hiking our way to the top. What an amazing view from Dome Rock!

While at the summit of Dome Rock, we did not witness unusual activity. We only witnessed two airplanes flying over the area. It was pretty quiet that day.

Walking The Trail Of 100 Giants

Done with our sky-watching at the summit of Dome Rock we decided to dedicate the rest of our time walking the Trail of 100 Giants. This trail is absolutely incredible. The area a small grove of huge Redwoods tucked behind a ridge in the middle of a pine tree forest. We put on our gear and headed in to the forest looking for unusual activity overhead, although we didn’t witness any air traffic while on the trail.

These ancient Redwoods somehow emanate a feeling of magical energy you can feel upon entering the forest. The mere size of the giant redwoods is overwhelming making a person feel small. It’s like being next to a living dinosaur!

After a full trip through the forest and some sky-watching through small openings overhead, we decided to pack up and head back to UFO Seekers headquarters.

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