UFO Sighting Reports At Frazier Mountain

Tracey and I stumbled upon two interesting UFO reports that occurred near Frazier Mountain in Ventura County, California. I’ve provided links to the UFO sighting reports below. After reading the UFO reports we decided to UFO hunt the summit of Frazier Mountain which is also the home to an abandoned Forest Service Outlook. Sadly this Forest Service Outlook building did not receive funding for maintenance and upkeep. It’s completely in disarray from pillagers.

Frazier Mountain lies within the Los Padres National Forest with a peak that stands 8,017 feet tall. You’re treated to amazing view of Bakersfield, Rosamond, and more. You can also spy Pyramid Lake located near Interstate 5, just north of Magic Mountain in Ventura.

2015 UFO SIGHTING: www.ufostalker.com

2004 UFO SIGHTING: www.ufo-hunters.com

Walking The Abandoned Forest Service Outlook

We drove to the summit where we parked next to the abandoned Forest Service Outlook. Both us were very intrigued by the building so we walked the property before setting up for a UFO hunt that night. The area hosts multiple cell phone towers, radio dishes, and more. I wonder if all of those wavelengths converging on a singular location is harmful in some way?

Results From Our UFO Hunt At Frazier Mountain

We watched a lot of air traffic moving through the skies that night. The airspace is is an extremely high traffic airplane corridor. Airplanes departing and arriving at Los Angeles from the north travel this corridor. We did  manage to compare some lights moving through the skies which you can see in our YouTube video. We also spotted normal satellites traveling the skies that night.

All in all, we feel this place have have UFO activity but any UFOs would be extremely difficult to spot. We also feel UFO events in the area happen with rarity in present times due to population growth in the adjacent towns.

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