AREA 51 Name Changed On Google Maps

We recently received an email from Germany asking us to look at Area 51 on Google Maps. The email sender calls himself ‘Mr Area 51’ and is anonymous. The email asked UFO Seekers to check out Area 51 on Google Maps because the name of the top secret facility now is named, ‘Edwards Air Force Base’.

Are The Area 51 Reviews On Google Real?

It’s well known that Area 51 is a remote detachment of Edwards Air Force Base which is located in Southern California, but until now the association has been kept in wiki history pages rather than the more public Google Maps. Is this new name an accident? Or is it a joke perpetuated by Google Maps user base? When looking through the reviews it’s obvious they’re fake and not at all posted by actual Area 51 employees. So for sure, the Area 51 reviews are a joke and should not be taken seriously. Neither should we take serious the reviews on other named locations at Groom Lake.

Other named locations at Area 51 on Google Maps Include:

Air Force Flight Test Center Detachment 3

base BBC usa

U.S. Air Force Nevada

Great Leap Forward

Name Change Shown On Google Germany 

We included the original screenshots sent to us by a German individual by email. The cell phone screenshots show that Area 51 is now called “Edwards Air Force Base” on Germany’s version of Google Maps. The pictures also contained in this article are screenshots taken by me, on the USA version of Google Maps. Both USA and Germany Google Maps show the same name change at Area 51 / Groom Lake. Did the government make this change?

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