Impressive Collection Of Gold Mining Era Buildings

Located in the southern Sierra Nevada Mountains of California in the town of Bodfish, you’ll find Silver City Ghost Town. The ghost town is currently owned by the J Paul Corlew family. The impressive collection of 20 buildings began to come together in the 1960’s, when Dave & Arvilla Mills started moving historic buildings from around Kern County to the current location of Silver City Ghost Town.

Buildings were moved from gold mining era towns such as old Lake Isabella, Keyesville, and Southfork. J Paul Corlew purchased the ghost town in 1990 and his family now operates the location as a museum.

You Can Visit Silver City Ghost Town

If you’d like to experience the ghost town for yourself and see the historic buildings, just give them a call for the current hours of operations. Because the town of Bodfish is located in the mountains near Lake Isabella the weather is always changing impacting local roadways. Silver City Ghost Town charges a minimal admission fee per person to enter the property during daylight hours.

For those wanting a more intense experience, the ghost town also offers a night time lantern tour moderated by J Paul Corlew himself. The lantern tours also include actors dressed as characters from the gold mining era.

Silver City Ghost Town Is Definitely Haunted!

Haunting stories from Silver City Ghost Town are many. Everything from people getting touched, objects moving, lights coming on, voices, singing, and more. Because of it’s proximity to UFO Seekers headquarters we’ve grown to be friends with J Paul Corlew. Paul invited us to investigate the property, so Tim spent the night in the ghost town alone. You can watch the ghost hunt in the video below.

The most haunted building from our experience was Wormie Annie’s house. Other hyper active buildings include the church, the Burlando House, and the jail.

We Ghost Hunt At Silver City Ghost Town

Want to spend the night at Silver City Ghost Town? UFO Seekers visits the ghost town in the video below for a ghost hunt. Tracey stays behind as Tim investigates the ghost town all alone. He lays in the coffin, sits in the jail in pure darkness, and more!

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