Do you have a video or picture you’d like to share with us? Then you’re in the right place! Use the uploader below to share your files directly with UFO Seekers. We do not share your name without your permission. This information is used by UFO Seekers to find UFO activity and as documented UFO evidence. Your information helps us in our journey to FIND THE TRUTH!


You can upload files up to 200 MB in size (to reduce bandwidth) using the “Post Uploader” below. Please include your name and email or phone information in the description so we can contact you.

If you have files above 200 MB please email it to us or send us a file sharing link using Google Drive or Dropbox. Upload your file to the cloud then send us a link to it. Make sure to add our email address as a user in the cloud folder.

File Sharing Email Address:

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