Moving Our UFO Hunt North Along The Foothills

After UFO hunting cattle country in the Sierra Nevada Mountain foothills, we moved our efforts north to the oil producing area. This is closer to Glennville and  a supposed UFO crash that occurred in the 1980’s that was covered up a Lockheed Martin B-117 Stealth Fighter. Take Round Mountain Rd along the Kern River and eventually you’ll wind your way up a set of hills called Round Mountain. This spot will give you a great view of the foothills east of Round Mountain, looking towards Oak Flat Summit.

Driving on Round Mountain Rd, Tracey and I picked a dirt road that lead us to the top of a hill. That’s where we set-up our equipment that included a full spectrum video camcorder, Sony DSLRs, Canon video camcorders, and more. What would we see?

Stars Shine Over Endless Grass Fields

Night arrived and the stars lit up the sky over endless grass fields. The foothills looked amazing but scary at the same time. We’ve received many reports of UFO sightings, including alien abductions, from this area of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. So standing in the dark in the middle of the grass fields brings an uneasy feeling.

No UFOs Spotted That Night

As always Tracey and I stay focused on the sky all night. We’re a great team. I look one way, she looks the other. She takes pictures while I shoot video. I hardly doubt a single individual could seek UFOs as good as two people. The sky is just too big!

No UFOs were spotted that night by either of us while out at the location. This area does have commercial air traffic at high altitude running all night, although the UFO sighting reports we’ve received reported objects near ground level including cattle mutilations. After reviewing all of the footage captured during last night’s UFO hunt we didn’t observe anything abnormal in the photos and videos.

We Spot A Wildfire And Call 911

While sky-watching I noticed a glow coming from hills on the opposite side of the Kern River, roughly 5 miles away form our location. Tracey and I packed up the gear and drove closer to the river to get a better view of the glow. That’s when we realized a fire had just started with no siren lights anywhere in view. I had to call 911 immediately. Once I connected, the 911 operator routed me to the fire department. I quickly relayed details of the fire’s location.

After getting off the phone with the fire department we quickly made our way to the other side of the river to get a closer look. We managed to captured some pictures and video of the fire.

Video Of The Fire

Tim Doyle on Email
Tim Doyle
Host at UFO Seekers
Lead Investigator and Host of UFO Seekers. In 2016 Tim co-founded UFO Seekers with his girlfriend Tracey. Together, they investigate UFO Sightings, Alien Encounters, Secret Projects, and Secret Military Installations. You can follow along with them on YouTube, where their adventures are published to 50,000 subscribers.

The mission behind UFO Seekers is to understand the truth behind the biggest questions in history: Do UFOs exist? Are Aliens real?

Tim is the primary cameraman, drone pilot, editor, producer, and voice behind UFO Seekers. Tracey is the Owner of UFO Seekers. She also does camera work, photography, research, and logistics.

Tim has received over 200 hours of professional car racing driver instruction and was once a tire engineer for Pirelli of North America on the American LeMans Series. He worked under Italy's Team Ferrari among others. Tim was also a crew chief for a Porsche road racing team, he's a professional drone pilot with over 1.3 million feet traveled using DJI products, and he was once a magician! His father worked for Rockwell on the B-1B. His uncle was employed by NASA and worked on Apollo missions. His great uncle was the Head of Naval Reserves and a Rear Admiral. One of his family members was also a United States Treasury Department Secret Agent who worked under five different Presidents.

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