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DESCRIPTION: UFO Seekers is investigating Frazier Mountain in California for UFO activity. A UFO Sighting report was filed with MUFON in 02-2015, stating that bright objects were seen over Frazier Mountain and one of them actually flew away over the mountain. Another UFO Sighting occurred in 2004, reported to NUFORC, of a bright light in the sky over Frazier Mountain that eventually disappeared.

Tracey and Tim visit the summit of Frazier Mountain for a UFO investigation. Will they see anything weird?

2015 UFO SIGHTING: http://www.ufostalker.com/event/63337

2004 UFO SIGHTING: http://www.ufo-hunters.com/sightings/search/51439b010ad2e1e9be450e8f/UFO%20Sighting%20in%20%20Frazier%20Park,%20CA%20on%20Sunday%2018%20April%202004

FRAZIER MOUNTAIN (WIKIPEDIA): Frazier Mountain is a broad, peak in the Transverse Ranges System, within the Los Padres National Forest in northeastern Ventura County, California. At 8,017 feet (2,444 m),[2] Frazier Mnt. is the sixteenth-highest mountain in the Transverse Ranges of Southern California. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Frazier_Mountain

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