Reports Of Secret Military Bases

Tracey and I constantly receive reports of secret military bases located throughout the Sierra Nevada Mountains in California. That’s why we spend so much time hunting for UFOs in this part of the USA. The mountain range also contains MOA areas where the US Air Force practices maneuvers.

On this night we headed to a mountain ridge above the small town of Caliente. Turning off Highway 58, we made our way up Caliente Bodfish Road into the mountains looking for a good place to stop and sky-watch. This area is full of bobcats and mountain lions, so keep a watch if you plan on sky-watching up here.

Approxiamate Location: 35°21’18.5″N 118°33’56.1″W

We Find A Great Sport To Sky-Watch

We finally reached the ridge of the mountains and found a great place to watch for UFOs off of Caliente Bodfish Road. I parked the vehicle and we got our equipment set-up. The only glow in the sky originates from the Bakersfield area, west of Caliente. But it’s very faint keeping the sky extremely dark in this area.

Lots OF Commercial Traffic. No UFOs.

That night we eyed a large amount of commercial airplane traffic at high altitude. Tracey also spotted six satellites. The Milky Way shines bright in the sky in this area as the sky is very dark.

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