Video Date, Time, And Location

This video was submitted by someone who claims to be the person behind the viewfinder. The person claims to be from Republic, PA. This individual claims this video was filmed in Republic, PA on or days before 08/04/2017.

The person claims the video shows something unknown in the sky that was captured using a telescope and video camera. The individual also claims to have retrieved a compass from their dirt bike, and the compass was spinning in all directions.

Analyzing The Video

After reviewing this video and analyzing available information gathered, I believe this video shows a high altitude balloon. The balloon was likely launched by this individual or someone locally, then subsequently captured on video via a telescope.

Why do I say this?

  1. We can clearly see the balloon burst.
  2. Whatever is attached to the balloon falls downwards and all debris in the video falls in the same direction. This is very typical of a balloon. This video would be more explainable as a UFO, if the debris or secondary objects moved in separate directions displaying propulsion capabilities.
  3. The reactions of the witnesses in the video. Seeing a UFO is not a funny experience. When you see something explainable it’s like getting hit in the chest. You begin to act scared and confused rather than simply observant because what you’re witnessing is challenging to your belief systems occurring in a matter of seconds.
  4. The time needed to set-up a telescope with a video camera is minutes. Unlike a DSLR, a telescope must be set-up, aligned, then the camera mounted. No simple task while under pressure and not to mention a complete waste of time if you’re truly witnessing an anomaly.

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