Circular Object Floats Over Millions Of People

On 08/28/2017 a sphere object was videotaped over Los Angeles using a lack luster video camera. Suddenly a police helicopter enters the video and seems to circle the object.

Aliens Over Los Angeles In Broad Daylight

Many are claiming this was aliens from another planet that came to Los Angeles in broad daylight and flew over millions of people, even near a police helicopter, yet was filmed by only a handful of people.

Recently the internet has been buzzing with real investigations into the sighting:

UFO hoax-buster UFOofInterest explained further on Twitter.

Police Department Never Mentions The Object

Even with all of the press around the supposed ‘UFO’ Sighting, the police department is silent. Is that because it was man-made and nothing special?

If aliens appeared over Los Angeles, what does the police department have to gain by keeping the sighting private?

Obviously the police department could benefit from exposing the biggest question in human history, do aliens exist? But according to conspiracy theorists the Los Angeles police department is made up of individuals working with the military to hide ET.

UFO Events Over Metropolitan Cities

We all remember the Phoenix Lights and what happens when something strange occurs over a metropolitan city. Thousands witnessed the Phoenix Lights. Thousands would have witnessed this “UFO” unless they understood it was just a balloon.

Or maybe the other 3.976 million people in Los Angeles didn’t feel threatened by the object, because it was man-made.

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