UFO Flies Within 200 ft Of Passenger Airplane

Sputnik International: An official report by the UK Airprox Board released on September 1, says a UFO passed within 200 feet an Airbus A320 on final approach into Glasgow Airport on May 29, 2017 at 1:50 am. Glasgow airport is located in Scotland.

The report explains how the jet was making a landing when the pilot suddenly observed an “orange light” that came within 200 feet of colliding with jet airplane.

The pilot stated he believes it may have been a drone, but investigators were unable to confirm it was a drone.

Investigators have confirmed it to be an “unknown object.”

When the incident occurred the pilot did not have time to react and avoid the object.

A Control Tower Detects The Unknown Object

​During the incident Glasgow Airport air traffic control did not detect the UFO, but the air traffic control tower located at Prestwick Airport reported tracking an unidentified object that was 1.3 nautical miles away from the Airbus.

The UFO track history showed the UFO at the 1.3 nautical mile distance from the aircraft roughly 28 seconds before the near collision.

The Airbus A320 is equipped with collision avoidance systems, but the systems did not detect the UFO.

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