Strange Lights Filmed In Chicago Sky

On a typical night Terrell Williams of Chicago sees airplanes passing overhead. Not this time.

On September 3, 2017, the YouTube account Terrellism, operated by Terrell, uploaded a cell phone video of a supposed UFO sighting over Chicago’s south side. In the video multiple glowing lights or orbs can be seen slowly floating in the air over Terrell’s location in a residential neighborhood.

In the video Terrell says he believes they’re “not airplanes” but UFOs. He also explains more about the appearance of the objects, “they’re goldish-brown almost like it’s on fire.”

UFO Seekers contacted Terrell by email for comment but received no response.

Terrell wrote the following in the video description:

I swear I saw multiple glowing things in the night sky over Chicago’s south side. They’re not plans, they were glowing, and moving fast! My facebook friends think I’m crazy. They’re UFOs damnit! Unidentified Flying Objects!

Watching The Video

The strange objects captured on video do not make radical movements. The objects seem to go from horizon-to-horizon at a low altitude. I didn’t hear any noise from the propulsion systems.

I don’t know what the weather conditions were that night so it’s unclear if the wind was moving in the same direction as the objects.

Complete analysis is impossible unless another witness comes forward, or we hear from Mr Williams himself.

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