Man Takes Vacation, Brings Home Picture Of UFO

UFO Seekers received a photo (pictured below) from Facebook user, Roger Du Bois, on September 3, 2017. The photo was taken by Roger “2-3 weeks ago” while visiting Paris, France. Roger was taking pictures of the Eiffel Tower at approximately 2:00-3:00 PM when something strange appeared in one of the images.

In his report to UFO Seekers, Roger asks “What is this?”

In our conversation with Roger we asked if he noticed any objects or crafts flying overhead when the he snapped the photograph to which he replied, “Don’t know other pics didn’t show up.”

Here is the photo received by UFO Seekers:

We enhanced the photo to see more intricate detail of the object in question:

Analysis Of The Submitted UFO Sighting Picture

After careful review of the photograph, we believe this to be a lens flare/glare on the lens created by the sun. We’ve issued our conclusion to the individual who took the photograph.

The shape of the lens flare/glare is what makes this photo interesting and can lead the untrained eye astray. It almost looks like the shape of Saturn in the original photograph! Or even a classic disc-shaped UFO. After taking over a million photographs myself as a photographer I’ve seen this same phenomenon before.

The first indicator of a lens flare/glare is the entire object being the color green.

If we hypothesized about the object being illuminated from the interior then people on the ground at the time would have definitely seen an object hovering over the highly populated city of Paris. This did not occur.

If you look closely at the object, notice the upper portion is curved, and if you used the curvature to draw a circle, this circle would match the other large glares created by and extending outward from the sun.

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