Time-Lapse Video Reveals Mysterious UFO Objects

Alan Kingwell of Liskeard, England was in his garden filming the clouds on August 30th, 2017, around 5:00 pm local time according to a story posted by PirateFM. After reviewing the video, he noticed something extremely strange. Two possible black UFOs!

PirateFM reports that Kingwell himself said the following:

 I decided to do a time lapse film of the clouds… On playback I noticed two dark shapes which were not moving… At first I assumed it was something on the lens or a fault with the camera… But it only happened on a certain part of the sky and at one point they disappeared behind a small cloud.

The video shows a low resolution time-lapse of clouds and within the footage appears two objects which seem to hover in one spot until finally being blocked out by the sun. Alan claims the objects appeared for roughly 20-30 minutes.

Here’s the supposed UFO video shared by Alan Kingwell:

Analyzing The Footage From Liskeard, England

After careful review of the video, we have not reached a conclusion. The most probable explanation is something on the camera lens.

Reasons for this include, nobody actually seeing the “UFOs.” If these objects are black and are visible to the camera at the widest zoom setting, they would have undoubtedly been visible by persons on the ground.

If these were real objects in the sky, at the zoom level of the camera, they size of the objects would have been massive.

When trying to analyze the objects by zooming in closer, the resolution becomes terrible making it impossible to identify the objects. The video contains edits that take us into close-ups with no explanation. Unfortunately I’m very concerned about the close-ups showing the black objects and feel they may be altered.

More analysis is impossible until more witnesses come forward.

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