Evidence Of UFOs In Sierra Nevada Mountains

On March 11, 2017, Tracey and I made our way into the Sierra Nevada Mountains after receiving reports of UFO activity in the areas of Lake Isabella, Kernville, and Wofford Heights. We spent a few hours making our way up the Kern River Canyon towards Johnsondale. We made a right hand turn on Sherman Pass Road taking photos and video the entire time. During the trip we didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary.

When we returned to UFO Seekers Headquarters both of us browsed through the pictures and noticed an anomaly captured at a specific spot on Sherman Pass Road. In the photographs we noticed an unexplained flying object in 2 of the pictures. We believe this to be undeniable photographic evidence of UFOs.

Watch the video below for complete details and more analysis.

Analyze The UFO Sighting Photographs

If you would like to analysis the pictures, here’s a Dropbox link to the images. The images available in this Dropbox link are the sole property of UFO Seekers, Bakersfield, CA, and the images can not be distributed, copied, or used in any matter without the expressed written consent of UFO Seekers, Bakersfield, CA.

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