Secret Entrance To AREA 51 Underground Complex?

We received a message from a fan of UFO Seekers, Alex, about new images seen on Google Maps of Area 51. Updated images of the complex is nothing out of the ordinary, but Alex elaborated and said he believes he found a possible underground entrance located right off the main runways at AREA 51!

The area in question may be some kind of retaining wall and might be nothing at all. But we felt they warranted your opinions and comments.

Infamous Black Tower At AREA 51

Here we can see the infamous black tower located at Groom Lake. The images on Google Maps seem to be very clear now. You can see the tower in our Episode named, Traversing Tikaboo Peak To View AREA 51.

Did Something Get Erased At Groom Lake?

Here we can see a glare from a bright object or something has been erased. This area is near the location of the supposed burn pits where AREA 51 employees would burn all trash generated by the top secret facility.

What Do You Think? Underground Entrance?

What do you think the supposed underground entrance is? Is it an entrance to an underground complex hiding UFO technology. UFOs, or aliens?

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