UFO Seekers Seek Answer To Case File

A user submitted the coordinates of a location in Antarctica through our Case Ticket System, which when viewed on Google Earth or Google Maps displays a strange white object. The object stands out in the satellite image because it’s white, tall, large, round, has a large long part extending on the top that extends over the edge of the object, and more.

Twitter user @_PeaceGuardian_  tweeted a close-up.

If you know what this object is, please email us. Our hope is to answer every case file with a rational or possible explanation. Your information could help us identity the true nature of the object located in Antarctica.

CONTACT US: help@ufoseekers (Subject Line: Antarctica Object)

We are seeking to find an answer to this case. The case number is kept private for security reasons.

COORDINATES: 74°02’27.0″S 22°45’12.0″W

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