Official UFO Seekers Case File

During a trip to the desert in Nevada, a tourist snapped multiple photographs of a landscape using a cell phone. The tourist had a great day admiring the beautiful scenery. Nothing strange occurred that day and the tourist returned home.

After reviewing photographs taken from that trip to the desert, the tourist realized there was a strange purple object seen in the background of one image. Only 3 photographs were taken that day in the location where the images were taken.

We have included two of three images to protect the case. The third image is a copy of the picture containing the purple object, taken from the same exact location, but no object can be seen.

Analysis From A Third Party

UFO Seekers asked Scott Brando from to analyze the photograph. The website is dedicated to debunking UFO hoaxes and exposing hoax content.

Scott gave this response to the image even though no raw file was available from the individual who submitted the images. He said the following:

I can say it could be an insect taken with blurfo effect… it is most likely a bug/insect flying near camera lens (it is out of focus).

Scott also provided a link to show what he is describing, in more detail. (

UFO Seekers Analysis

The original image is only 640x427 pixels. It was taken with a cell phone. No raw version of the image is available.

The image does show some lens flare anomalies separate from the purple object. The issue with the purple object is the lack of transparency common in lens flare anomalies. The color of the object does not seem to be normal of a lens flare, although not impossible for a lens flare to create.

If it was an object, it was something thrown in the air then photographed, making the color purple more plausible.

Due to the lack of better image quality, we can not provide an explanation. During our questioning the witness testified that no objects were in the air, nothing was seen, nothing was heard.

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