Exclusive Interview Tonight With George Knapp

Disclosure fans rejoice! Tonight in an exclusive interview, Luis Elizondo is going to disclose the “Physics of Flying Saucers” according to the reporter, George Knapp.

The interview will be posted at 6PM and 11PM (according to George Knapp).

It’s still not clear where the interviews will be directly posted or available. More than likely the interviews will be released by www.LasVegas8.com. You can also check George Knapp’s Twitter account for updates (@g_knapp).

Twitter Announcement About Stunning Interview

George Knapp is a co-host of Coast To Coast AM a popular radio show that discusses fringe topics. Knapp is also a reporter for Las Vegas 8.

Earlier today on Twitter a surprise announcement was posted by Knapp about the upcoming interview with Luis Elizondo.

Aerial Threat Identification Program Study

Luis Elizondo is the former head of a government study named the Aerial Threat Identification Program (ATIP). The study analyzed videos of unknown phenomenon to discover foreign aerial military threats.

Knapp refers to ATIP as the “UFO Study” or “UFO Program.” It’s not clear why the name has been changed by individuals involved in the disclosure.

Luis Elizondo, along with co-workers, unveiled the existence of ATIP after becoming employed at a book & media publishing corporation named To The Stars Academy.

Disclosure Fans Should Rejoice!

This is a major step towards the initial goals of disclosure fans wanting more information from the government about the existence of extraterrestrial life.

Elizondo says videos he’s watched while head of the ATIP study led him to believe the craft in the videos are not from this world. Meaning they’re alien.

Supposedly the ATIP Study also analyzed metal alloys from an extraterrestrial craft as stated in an earlier NY Times article.

A time frame for release of the alien metal alloys has not been disclosed by George Knapp or Luis Elizondo. Neither have they confirmed who is in possession of the metals, or where they are.

In an interview last week Grant Cameron, a famous UFO Researcher, appeared on Spaced Out Radio with Dave Scott and said he was going to view the metal alloys “in a few days” at a secret location.

Get yourself prepared! Tonight’s interview should rival the Bob Lazar revelations!



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