Was This The 3rd Burn From Star Man’s Rocket?

While UFO Hunting in Mojave CA Tracey and I spotted something glowing in the sky. We managed to gets pictures and video of the object as it flew over the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Southern California.

It may have been the SpaceX Falcon Heavy Star Man as a scheduled third burn occurred at roughly the same time.

Appearing at 7:26 PM PST, the glowing object we spotted appeared towards the west, at roughly 45 degrees up in the sky. Slowly moving in a right to left direction it was heading southeast.

Luckily we had a green infrared static video camera pointed in that direction and it captured the unknown anomaly.

SpaceX Falcon Heavy Performs Scheduled Burn

After analyzing the footage we scoured the internet for answers. We believe the object was possibly caused by a scheduled third burn from SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy rocket which lifted off earlier that same day.

Here’s a quote from space.com:

“…unsuspecting skywatchers in the western U.S. caught a glimpse of the rocket’s second stage firing up one last time as it blasted out of Earth’s orbit and off into the solar system.”

source: Space.com

Possible Minuteman III Launch From Vandenberg AFB?

But we’re also interested to know if this was a Minuteman III launch from Vandenberg Air Force Base. In a local news website, Lompoc Record, we discovered a news article about a Minuteman III launch which was due to launch sometime Tuesday-Wednesday.

Here’s a quote from the Lompoc Record article:

“No new date was scheduled for the launch, which had been scheduled to take place sometime between 11:25 p.m. Tuesday and 5:25 a.m. Wednesday.”

source: LompocRecord.com

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