Silpho Moor Fragments Found In Museum

According to an article written by BBC News in the UK, fragments of a supposed alien UFO that were stored in a museum archive have been uncovered.

In the area of Silpho Moor near Scarborough, UK, a supposed flying saucer was found in 1957. The origins of the object were unknown.

Witnesses who viewed the object claimed it had a copper bottom.

After scientific testing experts announced the “flying saucer” was most likely of terrestrial origin. No country of origin, or military origin was given. It may have been a secret aircraft at that time.

UFO Fragments Stored Away In Archive

Fragments of the object were stored away in the Science Museum archive.

Now the fragments are seeing the light of day again. Experts have re-examined the mysterious shards and the reason given, “cultural significance.”

Here’s a screenshot from the BBC’s website of the supposed UFO fragments:

( Public website screenshot: )


Analyzing The Silpho Moor Flying Saucer

One expert invited to view the UFO fragments, Dr David Clarke from a local University. Clarke is a journalism lecturer and was chosen because of a recent speaking event focused around the MOD’s UFO investigations and files.

Clarke was quoted by the BBC as saying:

“…the metal object was originally found by three men on moorland weeks after Russia’s first Sputnik satellite was launched.”

It’s rumored that witnesses from 1957 who viewed the mystery flying saucer claimed it was eighteen inches in diameter. It was a classic flying saucer shape. The object had written on the exterior skin that resembled “unintelligible hieroglyphics.”

Past analysis was completed by the University of Manchester and the Natural History Museum. In their conclusion they deemed the object and fragments an “elaborate hoax.”

Dr Clarke also added the he believes the story to be fraught with conspiracy theories.

Read the full article here: BBC News


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