In 1956 a military C-131D from the 2317th Flight Squadron was flying over Pixley, California when suddenly it hit an unidentified object. The pilot Major Stenvers and his 3 crewmen all blacked-out and the plane went into a nose dive from 16.000 feet to 7,000 feet before Major Stevens regained consiousness and managed to level the plane. They made an emergency landing at Meadows Field Airport in Bakersfield, CA.

Major Stenvers claims to have seen a UFO before his aircraft felt like “it was struck from above” and “hit a brick wall.” The Air Force launched an investigation from Edwards Air Force Base and blamed metal fatigue. This conclusion from the Air Force is in direct contradiction of the facts and eyewitness testimony.

It’s clear that the C-131D struck a second object above Pixley and the second object came down in flames on a farm near Wasco, CA. The Air Force may be covering up a UFO crash!

We also investigate a military connection and we uncover a secret Lockheed Martin assembly facility that was located Oildale, CA that once produced U-2 spy planes for the CIA back in 1956!

Come along as we investigate the 1956 Pixley UFO Incident.


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