Two nights ago Tracey and I went sky-watching for UFOs at Lockwood Valley and Mt Pinos in California’s Los Padres National Forest. Instead of the typical star-lit sky, cloud cover spread across the area. We captured a few pictures where stars broke through the clouds.

Most of our time was spent in four different areas on Mt Pinos, including the Nordic Base which lies atop the 8,000 foot mountain. While up in the mountain we keep an eye for animals and creatures in case we notice something rare. We also use RF spectrum analyzers and radio communications to listen for any strange occurrence.

Here’s a few of the pictures:

Lockwood Valley, CA

Mt Pinos, CA

Strange Feeling At Mt Pinos

Mt Pinos has unique geology when compared to the surrounding mountains. It’s a white color with little variations. The rock and dirt also crumbles into small pieces meaning the roads there are also littered with rock debris ready to attack your vehicle’s tires.

The Pine Trees there are amazing. Just like the Sierra Nevada Mountains the trees grow very tall  Bears frequent the area and warnings signs can been seen as you enter Pine Mountain Club. Native Americans, the Chumash, lived in these mountains.

All of that combines for quite a strange feeling when sitting in the dark, waiting for a close encounter.

Unfortunately we  didn’t witness or experience any out of the ordinary during that night.

Mt Pinos, CA

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