Book Corporation Releases “GO FAST” Video

A book publishing corporation has been in the news recently for releasing three supposed declassified United States Department of Defense (DOD) videos in 2017 and 2018. The book corporation says these three taxpayer funded DOD videos show US Navy F/A-18 Super Hornet pilots interacting with possible alien spacecraft over American soil.

The three videos were first brought into the spotlight by a famous musician and his company as part of the musician’s promise to finally bring alien disclosure to the UFO Community. The musician is Tom DeLonge, former member of the band Blink 182.

The video I’m discussing today is named the “GO FAST” UFO video. Watch the “GO FAST” video below:

Where Did The Video Come From?

The “GO FAST” video, along with two other videos, were given to the TTSA by one of their own employees, Luis Elizondo, who was hired in late 2017 as the VP of Global Security.

Luis Elizondo resigned his post within the United States government in late 2017. He was stationed inside the Pentagon, or at least that’s what Elizondo has told the public.

Elizondo resigned from his work inside the Pentagon just weeks before joining TTSA.

It’s unknown how Luis Elizondo gained possession of the three DOD videos. The “GO FAST” video does not contain any United States Government markings related to its legal release to the public. I’d love to see those markings released!

The Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) and DOD have both denied claims that they approved the three videos for release. FOIA requests have also been unable to verify release of the videos by the DIA or DOD.

It’s unclear if the three videos were legally obtained. The taxpayer produced videos are being used for the purpose of monetization by Elizondo and his employer. In late 2017 TTSA was soliciting stock investments in the company during their initial stock release which ended December 31, 2017. During that time TTSA released the first of three taxpayer funded videos held in secret by the corporation.

Nobody knows how much contact was taking place between Elizondo and TTSA CEO DeLonge before the Pentagon resignation, or if the individuals were exchanging classified information or government property.

To The Stars Academy of Arts and Sciences

DeLonge’s book publishing corporation, strangely named To The Stars Academy of Arts and Science (TTSA), publishes UFO related books, music, and films. The corporation is currently working on the Bob Lazar biography. The surprise announcement was made during a 2017 Joe Rogan interview.

Bob Lazar is famously responsible for claiming the US government is storing alien technology at the top secret Air Force Installation known to the public as “AREA 51”. AREA 51 is located in the Nevada desert within the Nevada Test and Training Range.

Luis Elizondo announced through a live broadcast produced by the book corporation TTSA in 2017, he was a former Head Director of a secret Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) program called the Advanced Aerial Threat Identification Program (AATIP) operating inside the Pentagon. New information suggests that Elizondo was actually associated with a weapons program contract that was titled, Advanced Aerospace Weapon System Application Program (AAWSAP), not AATIP. I believe AATIP was a slang term used by deep state insiders to confuse superiors and hinder Congressional oversight of government employees.

Maybe the reason nobody can explain the “GO FAST” video is the fact nobody is looking at military weapons.

I believe I’ve uncovered one of these weapons studied under the AAWSAP.

Air Force Pilot Analyzes “GO FAST” UFO Video

We need to speak with an experienced pilot who’s not an employee of TTSA or on their payroll as a spokeman before jumping to conclusions. So I reached out to a source, an active Air Force Pilot, for outside analysis of the “GO FAST’ UFO video. The identitity of the indivdual will remain anonymous since the source is not authorized to comment on the topic.

I showed the video to my source and the highly experienced pilot offered the following explanation:

I believe what we’re looking at, is a HARM AGM-84D. The pilot is at 25,000 feet barometric setting and he’s in a slight left-hand turn, so he’s keeping the FLIR-pod on it. The aircraft is a US Navy F/A-18 . I assume the missile test was a unannounced HARM-AGM-84D test, which is the HARM-D. That’s what it looks like to me. It’s flying close to the water and that’s usually the profile that HARM’s fly. Somebody launched a HARM from another aircraft [or vessel]. The pilot in the video wasn’t told about it which is why they ask, “What is it?” Then that’s followed by, “I got it!”

That’s most likely what it is.

Low-Level, Surface Skimming Missiles

In the 1960’s the US Navy concluded it required low-level, surface skimming missiles to suppress or destroy enemy ships. The need especially demanded a high-speed solution.

After the sinking of the Israeli destroyer Eilat in 1967 by Soviet-built anti-ship missiles, the U.S. Navy saw the need to develop a dedicated anti-shipping missile. The name Harpoon was assigned to the project, as in a harpoon to kill “whales”, a naval slang term for submarines, even though Harpoon’s primary mission became surface ship attack.

The development project formally begun in 1968, and the missile was designated ZAGM-84A in 1970. The Navy issued a formal RfP (Request For Proposals), and in June of 1971 McDonnell-Douglas was awarded the prime contract for Harpoon. The first test missile flew in October of 1972.

Let’s discuss the AGM-84. This type of missile operates using active radar homing, and a low-level, sea-skimming cruise trajectory to improve survivability and lethality. The missile can be used by fixed-wing aircraft and more specifically the F/A-18 Super Hornet. In this configuration it also operates without the solid-fuel rocket booster.

Low-Level Flying and No Heat/Smoke Trail

The object in the “GO FAST” video flew at a low-level just above the surface of the ocean. No flame or heat trail is seen behind the “GO FAST” object. Watch the video below for an example that shows an AGM-84 that’s basically an exact match of these flight characteristics. Notice the AGM-84 hugs the surface of the ocean and when in full motion emits no heat trail or smoke!

HARM Missiles

HARM is an acronym for High-Speed Anti-Radiation Missile. An example of a HARM missile, is Raytheon’s HARM-88. The missile is used to:

…suppress or destroy surface-to-air missile radar and radar-directed air defense artillery systems. Once airborne, it can operate in three modes: preemptive, missile-as-sensor and self-protect. – Raytheon

I’m still not sure about the HARM version of the AGM-84D or its purpose. Even though my source refers to a HARM AGM-84D, I have not seen it in action, been shown a video of it, told about the weapon, nor do I know what its purpose is.

My Opinion Of The “GO FAST” Video

A lot of information about the AGM missile program can be found on Wikipedia. I was interested in the following facts:

The Royal Australian Air Force is capable of firing AGM-84 series missiles from its F/A-18F Super Hornets, F/A-18A/B Hornets… The Spanish Air Force and the Chilean Navy are also AGM-84D customers, and they deploy the missiles on surface ships, and F/A-18s…

The “GO FAST” video was filmed by a US Navy F/A-18 which can fire low-level, surface skimming High-Speed missiles. The “GO FAST” video was analyzed by a Pentagon Weapons Program defense contractor. The flight characteristics of the object in the “GO FAST” video matches an AGM-84 missile exactly, with no side movement, which is used by the US Navy.

I believe the “GO FAST” video shows a highly secret, highly advanced, reduced size version of the AGM-84 missile.

Here’s a crude comparison I created:

Also remember, the F/A 18 in the “GO FAST” video is at 25,000 feet! Even with the advanced ATFLIR system on full zoom, objects do appear smaller in that setting. We’ve found an ATFLIR zoom test video. Pay attention to the time when the pilot is looking at the concrete square and how small it becomes from 20,000 feet.

Below you can view example footage of an object captured on government equipment resembling a UFO.

AAWSAP Was A “Pentagon UFO Study”?

For some reason individuals involved in this story and the UFO media do not call AAWSAP a weapons program, even though the program is titled Weapon System Application Program.. TTSA employees and other prominent UFO celebrities claim AAWSAP was a US taxpayer funded program with a mission to study UFOs because unidentified objects represent a possible threat to the United States, and they may be alien spacecraft visiting Earth.

They claim the US government purposefully named the program with a false title, to hide taxpayer monies spent and limit the ability to United States taxpayers to uncover information about the program.

UFO celebrities call it the “Pentagon UFO Study”.

Individuals involved also claimed the study analyzed Alien Metal Alloys from a downed alien spacecraft, read our article here. This alien metal alloys claim turned out to be a hoax.

TTSA employees and UFO celebrities have been publicly promoting the “Pentagon UFO Study” as extraterrestrial disclosure. In other words, this so-called UFO study proves the US government is hiding their knowledge of the existence of aliens visiting Earth.

Many UFO celebrities are making big money through television contracts and conference appearances in relation to the media frenzy caused by the unsubstantiated claims made by TTSA employees. Many of these UFO celebrities care nothing about truth in the claims or analyzing the “TTSA UFO videos”, because their wallets will shrink if the PR frenzy subsided.

I believe AAWSAP was an Advanced Aerospace Weapon System Application Program.

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