16 Years Later, Strange Lights Seen Again

Everyone is familiar with the Phoenix Lights incident that took place on March 13, 1997. But roughly 16 years later another incident occurred over Phoenix leaving residents stunned.

On April 23, 2013 Scott Cancelosi of Phoenix captured strange lights on video hovering in the air above the desert city. The lights in the video seem to hover in strange formations yet make no noise. Were these the same objects seen by Phoenix residents in 1997? What are the strange lights seen in this 2013 video?

Main Stream Media Reports UFO Incident

Andy Harvey of KPNX TV reports on the 2013 Phoenix UFO incident:


Second Individual Makes Report

On YouTube, a second individual uploaded a video describing what he witnessed that night. He claims he was near the Estrella Mountain Regional Park, at the base of the mountains, when he and others witnessed strange objects flying over the city of Phoenix.

You can listen to his description here:

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