Misrepresentations Cause People To Misidentify Objects

Published on YouTube Jun, 20, 2018 by This Morning in the United Kingdom, Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield interview Professor Chris French about UFOs and alternative explanations. The Professor believes many people have been programmed to interpret UFOs the wrong way.

The Professor is touching on a heated topic. He’s trying to unravel misconceptions built up in society by misrepresented truths or definitive misinterpretations made popular by word of mouth, TV, books, and radio programming.

Basically, unexplained objects are not alien craft because they’re unexplained.

Egyptian Pyramids Possibly Built By Extraterrestrials?

For instance we’re told that aliens built the pyramids in Egypt. Now I’m not here to oppose theories about aliens visiting Earth in ancient times, I’m just cautious about telling someone there’s no alternative theory, such as humans built the Egyptian Pyramids.

Maybe the human construction workers had more advanced tools than historians know of?

If very definitive explanations are giving without alternatives the mind becomes locked in biased analysis. How are we to have a debate about Egyptian Pyramids if our theories are biased? So if we are to believe aliens may have influenced the construction of the Egyptian Pyramids let us us leave open the possibility they may have been constructed by man, because no definitive scientific evidence exists to outright prove extraterrestrials constructed the pyramids.

This leaves us in a rational mindset ready to interpret new data or new evidence. Also we will not be liars if it turns out the pyramids were built by humans. Winning!

Moral Responsibility To The Truth

There’s a moral responsibility that must be respected by power brokers in the UFO/paranormal communities. One of disseminating truth. Deviating from offering alternative explanations about theories will undoubtedly lead to reputation destruction but little is done in the UFO community to hold people accountable.

Time always unravels mysteries bringing forth clarity about claims made by UFO celebrities. Sometimes it takes years. Just look at the GAIA mummy that was promoted as an alien body by UFO community power brokers.

Using power to perpetuate a definitive theory because it helps sell books or a TV show, is outright scary and harms the mental state of regular world individuals who don’t have the time to visit far off locations to source facts.

That’s why everyone must be careful about who they choose as their primary information sources.

Here’s a short clip of Professor French talking with Holly and Phillip.

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