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California Fire Moon And Seeking UFOs

California Fire Moon And Seeking UFOs

We visit Round Mountain near Bakersfield, CA to sky-watch for UFOs. The location is just above the Kern River in the southwestern foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. While at the location we spot a fire, the “Breckenridge Fire”. California has been experiencing a large amount of wildfires currently. We snapped pictures of the smoke red moon caused by smoke from local fires. We observed a shooting star and multiple satellites. We do daily UF/o investigations in the field by sky-watching in areas where UFOs have been observed and also in areas where the military operates secret black projects.

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UFO Seekers is a news media company located in Bakersfield, CA. UFO Seekers investigates UFO sightings and alien encounters. We also sky-watch for UFOs 365 days a year.


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