Submitted 12/18/2017 to UFO Seekers from a third party source. UFO Seekers does not endorse the validity of this video, or endorse the individual(s) who produced the video.

The individual reported hearing a strange sound emanating from an unknown source while outside at night in Poland. No exact location was provided. No specific time was provided.

Due to the fact this is a third party submission, we can not verify the validity of the sound captured. If another video surfaces of the exact sound, from a different individual not related or connected to the author of this video, this video would become more impressive and conclusive, thus analysis of the sound captured would warrant a full scale investigation by sound experts. We will archive the file in the sound is captured by another individual.

Copyright UFO Seekers 2017 – This video can not be copied, redistributed, copied, edited, or shared without written permission from UFO Seekers. This video has not been released to the public.

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