Submitted in 01/2018 to UFO Seekers from a third party source. Due to the fact this is a third party submission, we can not verify the validity of the object captured. This is a video that someone wanted us to analyze.

From our research, this video was filmed in the late 1980’s in Brazil. Some people believe it’s a true UFO, something like a ball of light.

Some online archives suggest the child and the family later admitted it was a floating candle light balloon of some kind that they had filmed. This explanation is very plausible.

From the flight characteristics the object is definitely not a drone. The object does appear to be affected by the wind making the possibility of a “Chinese lantern” type object very probable and the most likely culprit.

We believe the object is definitely being pushed by wind as though the propulsion, if any, was being dramatically overwritten. This would definitely mean the object is most likely not a craft, and could be a candle type balloon.

Unfortunately the video is very poor quality and the object’s shape/body can not be observed properly making identification of the object impossible.

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