UFO researchers have many theories about an Australian mass UFO sighting that occurred in 1966. Multiple UFOs, flying silently through the sky, were witnessed over Westall High School in Melbourne by more than 300 children and the staff.

In 1966 the event was hardly covered by the main stream media. Reports of the incident suggested the witnesses observed three flying saucers, while other reports suggested only one UFO was observed.

But an incredible piece of audio evidence has been uncovered which shines more light on the now-famous UFO sighting. It was found in the possessions of Dr James E. McDonald. The doctor, a physicist in America, conducted UFO research. Dr McDonald was senior physicist at the Institute for Atmospheric Physics and professor in the Department of Meteorology, University of Arizona, Tucson. He passed away on June 13, 1976.

The audio recording was created by James Kibel, an Australian UFO researcher and photographer. Kibel sent the audio recording to Dr McDonald.

In the audio recording Kibel is talking and describes an interview he conducted of a science teacher, Andrew Greenwood, from Westall High School who was present at the school when the UFO sighting took place in 1966.

The science teacher relayed his memories of the event, saying he remembers a child running into his classroom shouting that a UFO is outside. Greenwood proceeded to go outside where he noticed a group of children standing together so he walked over to the group.

Greenwood then noticed a silver colored spherical object hovering in the air near the school, next to a power pole. The round object also had a small rod pointed up. Suddenly five airplanes arrived on scene and attempted to fly near the object.

All five airplanes were unable to get anywhere near the object. The science teacher also said the sphere moved with incredible speed and performed the most amazing flying he’d ever observed.

After roughly twenty minutes of dog fighting the UFO zoomed off at an incredible speed disappearing into the blue sky.

The audio recording has been published by the YouTube channel QUFOSR. I have included the video below.



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