According to Colorado Hometown Weekly Business (originally reported by BusinessDen), video streaming service Gaia, Inc, filed a civil lawsuit against UFO filmmaker Patty Greer. The suit was filed in Boulder County District Court in Colorado.

Patty Greer and Gaia entered into a contract which allowed Gaia to distribute some of Greer’s content on the video streaming service. The content included “Orbs and Light Beings” among other specific films. You can view her films here:

As part of the contract, Greer received an advance of $10,000.

The lawsuit explains that Gaia never recovered the $10,000 advance due to low viewership of Greer’s films. Supposedly the films were removed from Gaia’s platform. Greer states that her films simply “disappeared”.

News reports state Greer was spoken to via telephone on Thursday, in which she confirmed there was a contract between Gaia and herself. But Greer stated she believes there was a large interest in her films from Gaia viewers and accused Gaia of intentionally hiding the films within their platform.

Court documents state that Gaia allowed Greer to take back film rights after Greer returned a portion of the $10,000 monetary advance.

The main purpose of the lawsuit stated in court documents claim that beginning last year in September 2017, Greer began harassing and threatening Gaia, and its employees after the business issues started. Then as recently as last month, Gaia claims Greer started posting videos accusing Gaia employees of Satanism, computer hacking, and more.

In the video below, Patty Greer is interviewed by Sarah Westall about “Gaia TV Imploding”.


According to Colorado Hometown Business Weekly, Greer has not yet responded to the lawsuit which requests Greer apologize, remove the videos, and pay no less than $1 million in damages. Gaia noted that the company had to enact security measures due to threats.

Greer stated she’s not worried about the lawsuit. and the lawsuit is foolish.

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