Secureteam10 is the #1 UFO and Conspiracy YouTube Channel with 1.7 million subscribers. The channel produces videos for a huge fan base covering topics such as Mars, strange events, and UFO sightings.

The YouTube Channel is the main driver of weird news, almost like the Art Bell of our generation. The channel is constantly referenced by The Daily Star, and other news media publications.

The “About” section states:

From it’s humble beginnings as a mere idea, to the establishment of the channel you see today – Secureteam has become the information source to which millions of answer-seeking individuals have come. Secureteam is the #1 channel for breaking reports on the many mysteries of our universe, so stay tuned and prepare to discover the truth, one puzzle piece at a time!

Secureteam10 is often the main target of skeptics and even receives threats of harm. Someone has taken it to a new level.

Last night UFO Seekers was alerted that a website posing as Secureteam10, operating as, was soliciting donations from unsuspecting fans of Secureteam10.

Here are screenshots of the impostor website:

Upon further inspection of the WHOIS data associated with the web domain shows that the domain registrant has opted for private registration. We can also see that the domain was purchased in 2015.

The domain nameservers run through meaning the website may be hosted through IPTV.

After making our way into the website’s sitemap, we managed to find the first posting date, which was May 3, 2018. The website owner is not using any identifiable information under the Author name. The author is simply creating hyperlinks to Secureteam10 videos, after each new video is posted via YouTube.

While browsing internal website files, we also managed to find the IP Address of the web server, It’s unclear who’s operating the impostor website.

We reached out to the YouTube Channel Secureteam10 about the incident. We received a response, and were provided with two screenshots showing email communications from the domain name owner. The communications include an admission from the domain name owner, that they’re indeed collecting money from fans of Secureteam10’s YouTube Channel, having already collected $2389.00!

Here’s a screenshot of an email communication from May 4, 2018:

It’s very clear from the message, that the individual had been spamming Secureteam10’s YouTube Channel about the website domain ownership before sending the email communication.

In a second email communication from July 25, 2018, we can read that Secureteam10 respectfully thanked the individual for trying to assist the channel, but requested the domain name owner remove the donation links to avoid any confusion.

Here’s a screenshot of an email communication from July 25, 2018:

Unfortunately it appears the domain name is still running the impostor operation, as our screenshots of the website above, are from today, August 14, 2018. Secureteam10 also confirmed to UFO Seekers that the individual has refused to sell the domain name. We also noticed that yesterday, in the latest post on the impostor website, the author falsely claims the Secureteam10 YouTube Channel has given the impostor website permission to post videos.

Here’s a screenshot of the false claim:


If any more information becomes available I will update this article.

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