According to the Daily Mail UK an animal sanctuary owner, Raja Bhaiya Mishra, in India took in a cow around December 2016. The owner did not know this cow was going to change his village and even his own life. Raja Bhaiya Mishra became the operating manager of the animal sanctuary sometime in 2013.

That’s because the cow he gave shelter to, gave birth to a baby cow that had a human-like head!

In India, Hindu people considers cows to be a sacred animal so many cows are rescued before being butchered. The cow that Raja took in was one of the saved cows. After the birth of the baby cow with the human-like head, news spread taround the local village and into other villages. Villagers began coming to the animal sanctuary to view the strange abnormality.

Villagers claim it’s an avatar a Hindu God, Lord Vishnu.

What do you think? Is the baby cow an avatar of a God?

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