11/12/2018 – CASE# 567182 was submitted October 12, 2018 by Jose Gomez of San Bernardino, CA. Jose witnessed 10-15 blinking/solid white lights above a gast station in Boron, CA at 8:30 PM while traveling home from work in Ridgecrest, CA. The lights moved slowly, but in formations, and groups off 2-3. UFO Seekers spent multiple days in the area sky-watching for similar phenomenon. We observed a DOD/AFRL/NASA UAS drone operation occurring over the Witness location. The operation, and other drone operations, most likely occur on a regular basis, at night. The operations are coordinated by a local Air Force Research Laboratory, Air Force Base, and private drone production companies.

The case was marked as EXPLAINED. The case files are below. Jose gave permission to release the Case Report.


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