Special Guest Appearance By John Lear

Lighting The Void is a podcast hosted by Joe Rupe and broadcasts from Arkansas, USA. On last night’s show Rupe interviewed a surprise special guest, John Lear. John Lear was present in Las Vegas in 1989 when Bob Lazar went public about the Air Force’s secret testing facility at Groom Lake known as AREA 51 in Nevada.

(Photograph of John Lear)


Groom Lake (AREA 51) Not A Secret Anymore

Lear, being a pilot, knew Groom Lake was a secret so he decided to begin visiting AREA 51 immediately since “the cat was out of the bag” so to say. On his website John Lear states the following:

One day on the evening news on Channel 8 in Vegas there was a news story that said, “Security Leak at Groom Lake?. I thought that was pretty interesting and called up the news director Bob Stoldau who eventually became the main guy at Channel 8… I went to lunch with Stoldau and asked him how he was able to mention Groom Lake and that I thought it was supposed to be a big secret. He said, “Not anymore, AP and UPI are going in on foot this month to do a story on Groom Lake.

Well I thought shoot. I want to do that. So the next Monday I grabbed a couple of my pilot friends from Bonanza and at 5 am headed up to Groom Lake. I neglected to tell them where we were going, I said it was just a secret mission. I had found out about the road off of Highway 375 that led into the secret base. We turned off the main highway onto the dirt road and after a few miles started up the mountain range that was on the north east side of Groom. We wound around until we came to the top and there was Groom Lake stretching out for miles in the distance.


Element 115 And The New Bob Lazar Film

During last night’s podcast Rupe also personally reviewed the newly released Bob Lazar Film which showcases the famous 1980’s self-proclaimed  AREA 51 “whistle-blower”, Bob Lazar. The segment featuring John Lear went head first into a discussion about the Bob Lazar Film, specifically Element 115. Rupe and Lear also discussed the current state of the UFO community.

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John Lear’s website can be found here: https://www.thelivingmoon.com

Lighting The Void’s can be heard here: http://www.thefringe.fm

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