Sending Information Using Teleportation

The Department of Energy (DOE) and interagency partners are working to advance the next frontier of computer communications, teleporting information.

One project underway by laboratories at the University of Illinois and the University of Chicago aims to teleport secure information across a 30 mile distance, using quantum physics. This technology is a testbed for a future communications network platform being explored in our modern computer age and could bring a new revolution that rivals the “internet”.

The Department of Energy said, “As the nation’s leader in supercomputing, the Department of Energy is pleased to be leading the way to opening the quantum frontier, and it worlds of possibility… Scientists at 28 institutions of higher learning and nine DOE National Laboratories will tackle developing hardware and software for a new generation of quantum computers, synthesizing and characterizing new materials with special quantum properties and probing the ways in which quantum computing and information processing can provide insights into dark matter and black holes.”

To learn more about this technology, please watch the video below.

VIDEO – Quantum Link: Building the U.S. Quantum Superhighway

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