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The Air Force’s SECRET “North Base” – UFO Seekers © S3E7

The Air Force’s SECRET “North Base” – UFO Seekers © S3E7

In 1947 the US Military stationed a UFO chase plane at Muroc Army Air Field, what would soon become “North Base” inside Edwards Air Force Base. The base continued to show evidence of an unofficial UFO Division that even included a UFO Officer.

North Base is the administration and secret research program headquarters for AREA 51’s Red Hats and the Foreign Material Exploitation Squadron. Pilots are stationed to Edwards AFB “North Base” then are assigned to AREA 51.

North Base has a large amount of history, mostly unreported. The site was home to America’s first jet fighters. The Jet Propulsion Laboratory built a propulsion facility at North Base in 1957. In 1948 YB-49 #2, the Northrop flying wing, crashed after a mission that departed from North Base. And there’s much more!

We investigate North Base and sky-watch for UFOs outside the facility.


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