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Happy Easter From UFO Seekers!

It’s Easter! So like any other holiday we’re out in the field sky-watching for UFOs. This time we entertained some guests (cattle). The weather was semi-cloudy, , extremely clear air, and more than good enough to spot aircraft or UFO objects. Tracey and myself parked above the Kern River Canyon in the southern Sierra Nevada Mountain foothills sky-watching for objects during daytime hours. This particular airspace is well known for Black Projects as an F-117 Stealth Fighter crashed near this area in 1986. We didn’t spot anything unusual during our sky-watch.

We hope everyone had a safe holiday weekend. Check out a few pictures from the sky-watch in this gallery.

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Tim Doyle

Tim is the YouTube Host and Lead UFO Investigator for UFO Seekers. He covers UFO news and publishes news articles through our website. Tim has been the Lead Investigator for UFO Seekers since 2016.

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