The following newspaper article was published by the Reno Gazette Journal June 28, 1987 by Mark Lundahl. The following in a transcription of the Reno Gazette newspaper article:



True believers gather in Reno to hear, teach the UFO gospel

by Mark Lundahl / Gazette-Journal


Ra-Ja Dove is ready to go space traveling.

But for now, the man whose business card says he’s an “Aquarian Star Sheperd” drives a blue Volkswagen bus.

Dove, bearded and wearing a purple smock, pulled up Saturday morning at the Holiday Inn on Virginia Street. He and his partner, Moi-Ra, were guided from Southern California to Reno for the Pleiades Foundation of Peace symposium on Unidentified Flying Objects.

They were joined by another 50 or so people to listen to UFO experts, watch videotapes that true believers say document flying saucers, and to talk to those who say they have seen or touched the extraterrestrial world.

The first of two days drew a diverse group to preach or absorb the intergalactic gospel.

Exiting the bus, Dove lugged videotape equipment and a briefcase with a bumper sticker on it that read, “Flying saucers are real. The Air Force doesn’t exist.”

The symposium is part of the circuit for Dove. He travels the country, selling spiritual books at UFO conventions throughout the country. This August, he hopes to escort a group of believers to the ancient pyramids of Mexico to mark the end of the Aztec and Mayan calendars and the beginning of a new age.

“It’s going to mark the end of what they call the worst and the last on the ninth hell,” Dove remarks.

Extraterrestrials will beam down their intentions at the pyramids, Dove says, and he expects new lights in the …”

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