The footage shows an object, almost like, or is, a “Chinese Lantern”. The object can be seen leaking something that falls with gravity. The video was published by burkbros on Jan 4, 2007 with a description that reads, “This is real FLIR (Forward Looking Infra-red) footage from a Long Beach, CA Police Department helicopter. You tell me what it is… a UFO?”

In the video comments, the following was said by YouTube users:

Etienne Ranc
Please read on the 1980 Bentwater UFO incident. One witness describes the UFO like this: “There was dripping from the craft what looked like molten metal.” Just like what we see on this video.

2027SpcOdyssey KJ2
This is THE UFO TICK TAC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alton Lawson
5 years ago
Swamp Gas. No wait. Venus. That’s it. Venus. Yup. Venus. No doubt about it. Venus.

Ray Binns
2 years ago
Just looks like it was a lantern caught in the wind to me. Thats a bit too outlandish though, maybe we should just stick to the good old “probably an interstellar spaceship explanation” though. I’m taking the **** btw.
When people jump on every given opportunity to scream its aliens it doesnt really do us any favours. By us I mean people that want the phenomenon to be seriously studied. This is obviously a chinese lantern and doesn’t even deserve the videos title. It should read chinese lantern caught on flir camera

Thomas Lewis
yes that is what it is,we used to make them out of cleaner bags,before they had the recall,putting holes in them ,the hot wax from the candles shows up on the FLIR

Its one of those Chinese lanterns. The fuel cell is often just a parrafin candle. Sometimes a sterno like device. The hot wax is dripping down.

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