Join the most hated UFO and Alien Investigator in the field of ufology. Banned by popular radio shows, UFO conferences, and television channels for challenging narratives orchestrated by powerful Hollywood celebrities. If you want raw truth, come seek with Tim Doyle, the Lead Investigator and YouTube Host of UFO Seekers. In his first Radio appearance on UFO Seekers with Tim Doyle, Tim hits hard at “The Pentagon Alien UFO Hunting Operation” which was introduced by a book corporation in 2017. Tim discusses individuals involved such as George Knapp, Tom DeLonge, Luis Elizondo and David Fravor.

He also touches on Bigelow Aerospace possibly purchasing MUFON UFO Sightings in 2009 with taxpayer funds, during the Great Recession, with money allocated for Weapons Program Research, the rise of Bob Lazar., the initial TTSA / NY Times collaborative news article from December, 2017 and more!


Listen to UFO Seekers with Tim Doyle – Episode 01:


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