Join the most hated UFO and Alien Investigator in the field of ufology. Banned by popular radio shows, UFO conferences, and television channels for challenging narratives orchestrated by powerful Hollywood celebrities. If you want raw truth, come seek with Tim Doyle, the Lead Investigator and YouTube Host of UFO Seekers.

In this Episode Tim continues to look at common sense facts surrounding “The Pentagon UFO Study” or as Tim calls it, The Bigelow UFO Study.

Tim CONFIRMED with Sarah Scoles of WIRED earlier today (04/30/2019) via Twitter, that the DD1910 Form shown by Las Vegas Now KLAS TV Channel 8, is the same documentation viewed by WIRED in 02/2018. Here’s what Sarah said:: “The I-Team cites DD Form 1910 as evidence of release. DD1910 is a Defense Office of Prepublication and Security Review (DOPSR) document. The WIRED article says we have seen DOPSR documents, and that the Pentagon maintains that DOPSR documents do not equate to DOD release. My reporting involved extensive back-and-forths with the Pentagon, about the semantics of this point, and I stand by it.””


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WIRED 02/2018 (Sarah Scoles):

I-TEAM KLAS TV 04/2019 (George Knapp):

Example Completed DD FORM 1910:

Defense Office of Prepublication and Security Review:

Defense Office of Prepublication and Security Review GUIDE:

Conspirinormal Podcast with Guest Jack Brewer:

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