Earlier this week, a document surfaced through KLAS-TV Channel 8 in Las Vegas, from reporter George Knapp, that supposedly confirmed The Pentagon released three videos to a book corporation named To The Stars Academy of Arts and Sciences (TTSA) as part of a government sanctioned cooperative agreement to disclose alien life on Earth and the existence of their alien spaceships visiting Earth through gun camera footage from U.S. Navy fighter jets encountering the alien UFOs over American soil.

The document released in the self-titled I-Team Exclusive was a DD1910 Form leaked by one the TTSA book corporation employees to Knapp. Knapp claimed the DD1910 Form confirmed The Pentagon authorized release of three “UFO Videos” to one of the TTSA employees and/or the book corporation.

You can view the Channel 8 Las Vegas / George Knapp article here: EXCLUSIVE: I-Team confirms Pentagon did release UFO videos

George Knapp at Channel 8 Las Vegas has been one the central figures promoting what he calls a “Pentagon UFO Study”. He initially claimed it was called the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP) which was first announced to the public by the book corporation TTSA late in December, 2017 in an open press conference and also through a NY Times article.

In the I-Team video broadcast aired in Las Vegas, Knapp claimed past Pentagon statements denying cooperation with TTSA, or denying releasing three gun camera footage videos to TTSA which Knapp implies are alien UFOs, were inaccurate. Or in other words, The Pentagon was lying.

The Black Vault Releases Pentagon Statement

After the I-Team article was published, it was uncovered by UFO Seekers that the DD1910 Form had already been examined by WIRED in February, 2018. WIRED checked with official government sources and laid out clearly how any materials for DOPSR Public Release must go through the Defense Secretary of Public Affairs. The DD1910 Form was not confirmation that TTSA was in proper receipt of the three videos.

Now, as pure confirmation that The Pentagon DID NOT release videos to TTSA or Luis Elziondo, for public consumption or as part of a broader Alien Disclosure cooperative agreement, The Black Vault released the following statements directly from The Pentagon.

Here’s what John Greenwald from The Black Vault published on Facebook today:

It is now OFFICIAL. The DD Form 1910, as “leaked” this week, is genuine — but it does NOT authorize a public release of any of the three videos posted by To The Stars Academy of Arts and Science which are all credited to Mr. Luis Elizondo, former head of AATIP, as the one responsible for getting them “released to the public.”

In an official statement given to me directly from the Pentagon (see attached image), it now officially confirms the following:

1) The DD Form 1910 is authentic, but not standard with a blank section 7 (but it happens).

2) The requester needs to abide by the DD Form 1910 submitted, in which in this case, only a limited distribution (no public release) was requested and THAT is what was approved. There was no request for public release, therefore, it is not granted. Note: Mr. Elizondo has been reported to have been the one to get the videos released, so it is assumed he is the redacted requester on the form released by KLAS-TV. I will absolutely correct that name in this writing if the wide-spread reporting on this, that goes back well more than a year, was wrong.

3) Based on the rules of the DOPSR process, and the official statement attached herein, this is undeniable proof that it does NOT constitute a public release of those videos.

The only thing approved by DOPSR, was the limited distribution of the videos, to U.S. Government Agencies and their “partners”.

Unless there is additional information still being withheld by To The Stars Academy, as it stands, this DD Form 1910 does NOT clear anything for a public release or distribution.

Many people did not like my article that said the DD Form 1910 did not prove a public release. Now, the Pentagon has stated officially, the exact same thing.

Continue to question. The TRUTH will survive scrutiny.


So there you have it. The Pentagon DID NOT authorize public release of the videos to TTSA or Luis Elizondo. Also notice, The Pentagon confirmed that anyone in receipt of the materials referenced n the TTSA DD1910 Form would not be allowed to release any of those materials to the public. How is that a cooperative agreement to disclose alien life on Earth to humanity?


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