In a newspaper article published by the Reno Gazette, April 30, 1993, the newspaper covers an Alien Disclosure Forum scheduled to take place in Rachel, Nevada. The forum’s main discussion was based on the belief, the U.S. Government was hiding the existence of alien life on Earth, and that evidence was inside Area 51. They based this theory on testimony giving by Bob Lazar.

Guest speakers appearing at the 1993 Area 51 Alien Disclosure Forum included George Knapp and Robert (Bob) Lazar.

For those who don’t know, in 1989 Bob Lazar claimed he previously worked inside of Area 51 (S-4) and observed flying discs (UFOs) from Zeta Reticuli 4 at the location. Lazar says he was a back-engineer.

Reno Gazette, April 30, 1993


Relevance to the Topic of UFOs

This information is relevant to the overall topic of UFOs, as Bob Lazar and George Knapp are again attending events together in 2019 as Knapp was instrumental in helping put together a new Bob Lazar movie that was produced by Jeremy Corbell, the same person who produced a film about George Knapp’s experiences with Skinwalker Ranch..

All information we find associated with Bob Lazar or George Knapp, is added to our Historical Research Archive.

Transcription of the Article


UFO experts have questions about captured alien spacecraft and they’re coming to a top secret government area near Las Vegas to get answers.

A public forum is scheduled for today and Saturday in Rachel, Nev., located 11 miles north of a controversial military area on the Nevada Test Site known as Area 51. The event is scheduled from 5 p.m. to midnight today and 8 a.m. to midnight Saturday. Cost is $75 at the door.

Gary Schultz, director of a Southern California based group known as the Secret Saucer Base Expeditions, is convinced that the government is hiding alien crafts at Papoose Lake. Some believe a joint technological exchange program exists among aliens, the military and a select group of scientists.

Robert Lazar, a former government scientist, as well as UFO experts Gene Huff, Tony Pellham, George Knapp, and Norio Hayakawa.

According to organizers, the purpose of the forum is to expose the coverup to the public and demand the truth behind the secrecy.


Reno Gazette, April 30, 1993

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