New Information From Bob Lazar’s Background

Bob Lazar’s story about his work at S-4 has stimulated many theories throughout the years. We’ve uncovered new information about the high school Bob Lazar attended with a connection to NASA’s Skylab Student Project that launched in 1971 and may have been a stimulating factor in Bob Lazar’s life. NASA Skylab was launched in 1973. Bob Lazar attended W. Tresper Clarke High School, from 08/1972-08/1976 (graduation date confirmed by the late Dr Stanton Friedman), located in Westbury, New York (Long Island).

The Lazar Tape, Element 115, and Zeta Reticuli

In the latest UFO Seekers with Tim Doyle Episode, Tim talks about this new information while also covering “The Lazar Tape” which covered Element 115, gravitational fields, how the S-4 craft were powered, how the craft traveled vast distances of space, and their involvement with humans.

To learn more, watch the Episode below:


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