Main Stream Media Claims “Pentagon Released UFO Videos”

If you pay attention to UFO news, you may have heard from the main stream media and UFO celebrities that The Pentagon “released UFO videos” in 2017 and this is confirmation aliens are visiting Earth. The main stream media has been saying this over-and-over.  Like beating a dead horse… or a blurry video.

The media points to three short FLIR videos released by a book/media corporation, named To the Stars Academy of Arts and Sciences, that show strange objects encountered by U.S. Navy pilots. The videos do not display any watermarks from the U.S. government. The book corporation is publicly traded but not listed on an exchange.

The book/media corporation is headed by a former band member of Blink 182, Tom DeLonge. Mr DeLonge claims the U.S. Government released the three FLIR videos to his corporation as Official UAP (UFO) footage released by the U.S. government.

The corporation has also definitively stated the three videos, were declassified by the U.S. Government for the corporation, for release by the corporation, to reveal UFOs (UAP).

Metadata Analysis and Trail of Nimmitz MPG File

Meta data analysis by the YouTube Channel “waptek0” of the 2004 USS Nimmitz mpg file metadata, shows the Nimmitz FLIR video was already on the internet since 2007. Why did The Pentagon declassify a video that was already on the internet? Why did the publicly traded corporation claim ownership of the mpg file?

Here’s the timeline of the 2004 USS Nimmitz FLIR video, provided by waptek0.

2007/02/04 05:31 AM = thefinaltheory reposted the vision-unlimited de f4.mpg video from & told a story on abovetopsecret

2007/02/04 07:44 AM = IsaacKoi debunked this in a little over 2 hours on abovetopsecret

2007/02/09 10:43 AM = somebody manualy archived the video for us all!

2015/03/14 fightersweep posted the ” x-files-edition” story that ends up being added to the video later instead .

2017/10/10 Blink-182’s Tom DeLonge’s “To The Stars” UFO Disclosure Enterprise pops up as a call for investors.

2017/10/14 To The Stars Chris Mellon show to have used a mylar Balloon UFO with Nimitz presentation

2017/10/22 ??:?? ?M coast to coast am’s show talks up the above story

2017/10/23 09:05 PM = extraordinarybeliefs REposted the same f4.mpg video to vimeo Encoded date

2017-10-25 2017/12/16 ??:?? ?M = MSM reposted all of the above as the tictac nimitz video hoax

2018/03/14 09:29 PM = $2,543,189 from 2,969 Investors Nimitz tic tac was a repost originaly called “f4.mpg” on vision unlimited’s German stock footage site sometime before 2007/02/03

Watch the video below.



U.S. Government Produced Content

Let’s also note, anything produced the U.S. government, has no copyright in the United States. Investors may have paid over $2 million for a recycled, taxpayer owned Nimmitz mpg file, already available on Vimeo.

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