CEO Says Corporation Involved With Foreign Governments

In an interview conducted by 91X in San Diego, May 22, 2019, the CEO of the Deleware Public Benefit Corporation ‘To The Stars Academy of Arts and Sciences’ (TTSA), Tom DeLonge, has definitely stated his corporation is partnered with United States Government in multiple projects. The CEO continued on to say, the corporation is also partnered with foreign governments and foreign intelligence agencies.

I have included the snippet of audio from 91X San Diego on this page. To view the 91X San Diego YouTube video where the claims were made, CLICK HERE.

TTSA is a publicly traded corporation with investors, although is not listed on an exchange. TTSA is registered with the SEC as a book/media publishing Public Benefit corporation. The corporation raised nearly $2,000,000 of capital investment during it’s IPO in late 2017, with promises of Alien Disclosure or in lay-mans terms revealing the existence of aliens on Earth hidden by the U.S. government.

Here’s a transcript of what the TTSA CEO said on 91X San Diego:

… the little company To The Stars to handle all the film projects, grew into To The Stars Academy of Arts and Science. Where, it’s an entertainment division, an aerospace division, and a science division, where its let’s tell the stories, let’s build the technology, and let’s study this with the world.

And um, so we are tied in to multiple international governments and their respective intelligence agencies. We are partnered, uh, with the U.S. government on a bunch of things I can’t talk about, some of the stuff I can, um and, it’s like it’s gone from this dinky little project into something really, really, big…


TTSA CEO, Tom DeLonge, appearing on 91X San Diego. (Screenshot from 91X San Diego on YouTube.)

TTSA Employees Currently Hold Security Clearances?

This information is important as multiple employees are believed to currently hold United States government Security Clearances, at the highest levels, including GS-15. Surely the U.S. State Department has been alerted to the corporation’s overseas activities related to aerospace secrets and U.S. government/military secrets.

Chris Mellon (DoD), Hal Puthoff (CIA, DIA), and Luis Elizondo (Army Intelligence, DoD) are three employees who come to mind.

One shocking aspect in the birth of TTSA, was the leaking of government property which included multiple taxpayer owned, DIA pilot training videos. Also, someone attached to the corporation appears to be leaking information about a DoD contractor study awarded to Robert Bigelow in 2008 ,which solicited sensitive aerospace secrets from other contractors using misleading terminology. This was done under the approval of former U.S. Senator Harry Reid. Bigelow also used taxpayer money to somehow purchase UFO Sightings from MUFON.

Coastal Intrusions Were Extraterrestrial Spacecraft

The TTSA CEO, Tom DeLonge, has also stated in previous interviews, his corporation has been “briefing the United States Congress” about multiple coastal intrusions into American Airspace that occurred from 2004 to the present. TTSA employees are currently going on national television claiming these intrusion were caused by Extraterrestrial Beings.

Let’s hope “Congress” was made aware of TTSA involvement with foreign intelligence agencies.

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